Week 7 Action Items

1. Stay Focused on Fighting Idolatry

Whenever we let down our guard, the idols come storming back. We have to stay focused on battle, identifying the idols that oppress us and not growing lax in fighting them. We need the help of our fraternity and a steady rhythm of prayer and asceticism. 

2. Keep Your Fraternity Strong

For our fraternities to fulfill their role of providing a foundation of Christian community in our lives, we have to commit to our meeting times, pray for one another, check in regularly with our anchors, and build friendships. 

If we continue to invest in our fraternity, it will pay dividends. It is not automatic but requires continual work and the ability to adjust when things are going the way they should be. 

Talk about how your fraternity is doing with one another and make any needed adjustments.

3. Prepare For Stronger Leadership As We Shift Gears Next Week

In Battles of Autumn, we have focused on preparing to lead other men, rallying them into the battle. We will end this fall exercise with ten days that focus more directly on leadership within our fraternities.  All of us are called to lead in some way: inviting, encouraging, supporting, calling men back, praying for them, and providing a good example. We will look at healthy small group dynamics and how to invite and guide other men more effectively.

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