Week 9 Action Items

1. Keep making your nightly examen

If you have been successful at making a nightly examination of conscience, you will have started to notice the freedom and success God has granted you thus far. 

If you have not been doing a nightly examen, start now.

Fidelity to your nightly examen will continuously aid the next day’s success. 

Your habit is now forming. 

Stick with it, and it will bring you abundant blessings beyond these ninety days.

For an explanation of how to examine your conscience nightly, see the Nightly Examen Guide.

2. Keep up the rigorous exercise 

Since God believes that our bodies are a worthy place to dwell, we must show them due respect. 

Care for and strengthen your temple. 

Keep the temple active and always in good shape for right service to God.

Try using one of the Exodus 90 Workout Guides.

There’s one for at-home workouts and one for the gym.

3. Make a fraternity holy hour

We’ve been trying to grow in both prayer and fraternity. 

Why not bring them together?

God is the most profound source of unity, so if you want to grow as a fraternity, spend some time in prayer together.

Plan your weekly meeting at church and schedule your holy hour to coincide. 

You will see that it will open up greater fruit for you and your fraternity. 

4. Express gratitude 

God has been doing a lot in your life these nine weeks.

What are you most grateful for? 

Tell him. 

If appropriate, share with someone else too, witnessing to what God has done for you. 

He has and will remain faithful to you all the way to the promised land. 

Remain grateful and be hopeful, and these will keep you joyful.

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