Exodus (the Makers of Exodus 90) to Lead Men in Marian Consecration

Start your consecration to Jesus through Mary with thousands of men across the world on Sunday, April 28, 2024 with Exodus.
Marian Consecration 2024

The popular men’s ministry, Exodus, is planning a major Marian consecration for men starting April 28th. After nearly forty thousand men joined its spiritual exercises of prayer, asceticism, and fraternity leading up to Easter, Exodus now seeks to draw men to Our Lady.

This consecration can serve as a rallying cry to men to step up to face our spiritual crisis. There is much we can do for the renewal of the Church and society, but it must begin in prayer. Turning to Our Lady in unison with thousands of other men will make an important step forward to put first things first. By consecrating our lives, families, and work to Jesus through Mary, we will receive the help we need to begin reordering the world around us. 

April 28th is the feast of St. Louis de Montfort, the perfect day to begin a traditional 33 day consecration preparation. The men will be following Fr. Boniface Hicks’ program, Fruit of Her Womb: 33 Day Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus, published by Sophia Institute, which will be available through the Exodus 90 App. The preparation will run through May, a month dedicated to Our Lady, and will end with the consecration on the Feast of the Visitation, May 31st. 

The world needs holy men prepared to serve. It is at the feet of Our Lady that we can rediscover our identity as men for others, ready to say “yes” to the Lord’s call so that Christ can be born anew in our hearts, families, and society. 

Here is the publisher’s description of Fr. Boniface Hicks’ Fruit of Her Womb: 33 Day Preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus.

St. Louis de Montfort inspired a spiritual revolution in teaching us about Marian consecration and giving us a thirty-three-day plan to prepare our souls for that big step in our relationship with Jesus. In these pages, Fr. Boniface Hicks guides you through this “retreat” to help you gain a deeper trust in and childlike dependence on our loving God.

“What this consecration teaches us is that we have a sweet, loving, perfect Mother who actually wants to live in this intense relationship with us,” Fr. Boniface reflects. “And so, if we accept Mary’s invitation to this relationship, we will find all the healing and happiness we have always longed for.”

You’ll spend the first twelve days emptying yourself of the spirit of the world, followed by a week focused on self-knowledge. You’ll then spend a week dedicated to knowledge of Mary before concluding the final week, centered on knowledge of Jesus.

Only ten minutes per day will produce spiritual renewal and wholehearted trust in Jesus through Mary. These short, personal chapters will show you how to:

  • Allow the Blessed Mother to cherish you as a baby in her womb and rejoice in your dignity as a child of God
  • Grow in patience, humility, and love (Our Lady makes it simple!)
  • Deepen your faith and live out your baptismal call to holiness
  • Close “escape routes” in your relationship with God and live in the freedom of total surrender
  • Take refuge and receive consolation in Mary’s protective care 
  • Realize that sufferings and difficulty point to the hope and final victory that await you

Fr. Boniface provides practical tips on opening your heart to God’s grace and profoundly beautiful reflections that will lead your soul to intimate union with our Lord through our Lady. Each daily meditation includes a Scripture passage, related quotes from popes and saints, questions to guide you on your journey, and traditional prayers to prepare for Marian consecration.

This book affirms what St. Louis teaches us: that Mary’s womb is the best place to be formed perfectly into saints and into Christ Himself. By contemplating Jesus through Mary, the first tabernacle of the Lord, your love of the Holy Eucharist will become more fervent, and your heart will be inflamed as you pray the Rosary and reflect on the mysteries of her Son.

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