What Happens After Exodus 90?

Where should you go after finishing Exodus 90? How do you retain the new habits you've formed in prayer, asceticism, and fraternity?

Where should you go after finishing Exodus 90? How do you retain the new habits you’ve formed in prayer, asceticism, and fraternity?

These are questions even I ask myself this time of year. For a lot of us, Exodus 90 can feel like a sprint to Easter and then we crash and burn. Maybe we even slide back into our old habits under the guise of “feasting”.

Trust me: that’s no way to live after you finish Exodus 90. 

So, what should happen after Exodus 90? Our team has prayed, fasted, brainstormed, and tested a brand new path beyond Easter Sunday. 

It’s a sustainable structure for your spiritual life moving forward, and a clear way for you to learn Christian feasting instead of secular bingeing.

Here’s how it’ll work: On Easter Sunday, we will feast and enter into what the Church calls The Easter Season, the period between Easter Sunday and the Solemnity of Pentecost. 

During these 50 days, as a global fraternity, we’ll lean into new norms for prayer, asceticism, fraternity:

  • 20 minutes of silent prayer every day
  • Read the new daily Scripture Reading and reflection from the Acts of the Apostles
  • Examine your day
  • Abstain from meat on Fridays
  • Take cold showers on Fridays
  • Offer up one holy hour each week
  • Weekly fraternity meeting
  • Celebrate the Lord’s Day
  • And you’ll craft your own personal habits as well!

You see, life after Exodus 90 shouldn’t be a return to Egypt. It should be a step toward the Promised Land. 

This brand new offering from the Exodus team will allow you to continue your path to freedom with clear direction and action, accountability from your fraternity brothers, and formation in knowing how to feast and fast within the wisdom the Church has passed down through the ages.

It all starts Easter Sunday! Until then, know that our team is praying and fasting for you as you enter into Holy Week.

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